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Installation & Maintenance Of Airfield Visual Aids

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img48There are clearly defined rules and guidance on manufacture and installation of airfield visual aids by ICAO and FAA. However, installation and performance of any system depends on infrastructure and Customers operational needs that may vary. We work with leading manufacturers to provide our Customers with quality equipment. Our AGL Engineers will provide Customer with evidence and competent advice what kind of equipment and why subject AGL equipment is suitable for present requirement. Our teams of qualified engineers and technicians have undergone intensive training of ICAO Courses and are certified to perform quality AGL installation, Testing and Commissioning. AEROTECH also is a heliports equipment supplier and contractor. Our offer includes comprehensive execution of heliports starting from design with obtaining all approvals for construction permits, execution of equipment deliveries, civil works, commissioning and warranty and post-warranty maintenance service ending on heliport registration at GCAA. We cooperate with well known heliport equipment manufacturers: ADB, PLC, Crouse-Hinds, SafeGate Group, EFLA and GEOBRUGG AG. We propose many solutions based on several different approaches for power source in airfield ground lighting systems.


img49Air accidents cause immense loss to human life and property. History is witness to innumerable air disasters. Accidents can be avoided by small precautions. Amongst various measures, visual aids are of immense importance in creating a safer sky. Tall, manmade structures and other geographical obstructions pose threat to airplanes in poor visibility. Low flying aircraft’s, in spite of the modern navigational facilities on board, need prominent obstruction markings in their flight paths. These markings should be loud and clear to attract the pilot’s attention. AEROTECH provides wide range of Aviation Obstruction lighting from low to high intensity, with various power input and mounting options to suit Customer’s application and available infrastructure.


img50Where thousands of lights are installed on a single average size airfield, so are thousands of lamps, gaskets, transformers, connections and countless mounting hardware. Integrity of all components is crucial for system functionality. A malfunction of just 1 transformer will jeopardize hundreds of other transformers on the entire AGL circuit and so countless lights. Maintenance of AGL is a Constant Effort to ensure airfield is operational at all times. It is vital to perform a properly scheduled Preventive Maintenance by properly trained and qualified personnel. We offer our Maintenance services on contract basis or simply to hire our personnel. In any way, we guarantee an uninterrupted 24/7 operation and therefore availability of your AGL system thanks to faultless performance of our competent maintenance team. AEROTECH is proud to have employed key Airfield Engineers and Technicians with vast experience in Survey and Design, Installation and Commissioning, Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Airfield Lighting Systems. Our engineers and technicians are certified after participating in intensive training at specialized training centers in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, USA and UAE. Installation and Maintenance of Airfield Visual Aids.


CorrectiveWhere AGL systems were deprived from quality constant maintenance, necessary rehabilitation process needs to be performed to try bring back the integrity and functionality of the system. Some components will have to be permanently replaced. This largely depends on period of neglect, method of installation and type of environment installation was in. Our teams have experience and sets of skills to identify the types of damage and find suitable ways of repair of damaged components to reduce costs of new supply to the minimum. Important note is: Timely Preventive Maintenance Will Eliminate Heavy Expens and the Need of Corrective Measures.


img52AEROTECH is an authorized supplier and installer for wire meshsafety system using steel mesh with high resistance based on products from GEOBRUGG AG Company, type ROMBO G65/3. Individual projects done by AEROTECH for installation and performance guarantees full safety coverage against the intrusion of unauthorized persons or fall of maintenance personnel and others using raised heliports and equipment structures. Our products are a proven and obvious preventive measure to safeguard Airfield maintenance personnel from accidental injury.. Our offer includes comprehensive system safety coverage starting from project design, ending on delivery execution, civil works and providing maintenance services.


img53AEROTECH provides compliant airfield and airfield lighting design services. AGL designs can be performed for a wide range of civil and military installations operating under visual flight rules (VFR) down to low visibility conditions.We provide full AGL designs whether or not a project specification is available. All designs fully comply to the relevant international and national regulatory bodies such as ICAO, IEC, EASA, STANAG, FAA, CAA and IAA. Services Provided

  • Airfield Lighting Consultancy
  • Airfield Lighting Design
  • Airfield Site Surveys
  • Site Supervision/Resident Engineer
  • Specification/Tender Documentation & Drawings
  • AGL Design Review