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+ 971 4 5520234   info@aerotech.systems

Power Distribution and Installation Services



img60We provide range of MDB, SMDB Panels, Capacitor Banks, Starter Panels, ATS switches and GENSET Starters sheet steel consumer units among other products and services that are designed for safety, reliability and availability in the electrical building installation, compliant with IEC and BS standards. We provide supply and Installation of proprietary type tested and certified DBs and equipment as well as custom made panels to suit Customer’s requirements.


img61Most regulations in the gulf region require an external double wall enclosure for external mounting of any electrical enclosure and equipment. Generators and Weather sensitive equipment needs adequate protection from elements and to safeguard surroundings from noise. We provide custom made sound-attenuated and weather protective enclosures up to IP67 meet even the strictest sound requirements and provide optimum protection from inclement weather. We offer following solutions beside any other custom requirement :

  • GRP enclosures.
  • Double wall (sandwich aluminum) enclosures.
  • Equipment sound-attenuated enclosures.
  • Silencer cladding.
  • Refurbishment, Dust/Waterproofing and IP upgrade of existing enclosures.
  • All enclosures may be ventilated, lit, with photoelectric controller and painted as per client’s requirement.
  • Three-point locking mechanism, flush-mounted access handle. And heavy duty continuous aluminum hinge ensures security.


img62Many regulations including ADDC, CMW Defense and other authorities require integration between A/C/Exhaust and small power with Firefighting/Protection installations in a main Building Management System. AEROTECH will provide necessary extensions and interface panels with all associated design and approval as well as installation works included. We offer repair of cooling systems, installation of new cooling units, duct cleanings, andpreventative maintenance. Whether it’s residential or commercial- we are the right choice for all your cooling service needs.


img63We specialize in providing solutions to your industrial electrical power requirements. At AEROTECH, with our multiple partners, we specialize in fast, effective solutions to complex electrical problems. We will work for you – we will do what is necessary as long as necessary to make sure your project is completed. Here is a list of services that includes (but is not limited to) what AEROTECH offers to all customers :

  • Professional application engineering
  • Panel modification works to Client’s requirements
  • 24 / 7 deployable emergency service, blow-up and burn-down support
  • Repair and reconditioning services
  • Solid state retrofitting services for low voltage gear
  • Circuit breaker retrofits
  • Asset evaluations and recovery – we buy equipment
  • Rental and exchange programs available
  • Design and Engineering.


img64There has been a huge demand for green alternative energy solutions in the past few years. AEROTECH offers the latest alternative energy technology for commercial and residential use. Recently, in the alternative energy market, photovoltaic systems have become very popular due to the simplicity of the system and the reliability. What the system does is convert sunlight directly into electricity to help power your needs. With our alternative energy solution, you can significantly lower your energy consumption, improve efficiency and ensure compliance and vision of your regulator. We offer services and solutions for design and installation of combination SOLAR and Vertical wind towers that save on height and can be installed nearly anywhere.